Thank You

Well everyone, we did it! Thank you. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that it was only a year and a half ago that we embarked on this journey together.

So many Willowdalers have given up their evenings and weekends to canvass. So many have donated their hard earned money. They talked to their friends and neighbours, made phone calls, waved signs down at the 401, gave their advice and cheered me on. For that you have my deepest and sincere thank you. 

I didn’t win, we did. And I will never forget the generosity and support of my community. I truly could not have done this without you.

I also want to thank my family: My better half Carolyn for her loving support. My Mom and Dad for not only all their help in this campaign but for everything they’ve given me in my life and for choosing such a wonderful place to raise me and my siblings.

We’ve all earned a good night’s sleep but the hard work is just beginning.

The hard work of bringing opportunity back to our province, of making life easier for the families in our community, of making sure that the voices of the wonderful people of Willowdale are again heard at Queen’s Park. Together, we’re going to make life in Ontario better. I promise that I will not let you down. 

And I cannot wait to embark on this next chapter of our journey together.

Thank you so much.