$1.9 billion in mental health funding

An Ontario PC Government would make a major investment of $1.9 billion over 10 years in mental health, addictions and housing supports. It’s time to take mental health as seriously as any other form of health and with this investment we will. We’re going to make sure that those struggling with addictions or mental illness get the help they need.

The $1.9 billion investment will be matched by the federal government, resulting in a $3.8 billion investment.

This funding will build community capacity to provide evidence based care and support that will reduce pressures on hospitals and reduce wait times for services.

An Ontario PC Government will also work closely with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Children's Mental Health Ontario, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, to ensure value for money as it makes these investments.

Approximately one in five children and youth in Ontario have a mental health challenge. It is also estimated that about 70% of mental health challenges have their onset in childhood or youth.

A Doug Ford Ontario PC Government believes that patients deserve mental health services they can count on – it’s time to take mental health as seriously as any other form of health.

  • This commitment will help build a comprehensive mental health system in Ontario that will help students, health care workers, and all those facing mental health challenges.


  • This mental health commitment is also a part of the Ontario PC government’s commitment to reduce emergency room wait times, as Ontarians with mental health challenges often go to hospitals to seek care due to the lengthy wait times to access mental health services.
The following Associations released statements of support:
  • Children's Mental Health Ontario, found here - "Today's announcement by Ontario PC Party Leader, Doug Ford shows that providing quality and timely mental health supports to families in Ontario is a priority."
  • Canadian Mental Health Association, found here - "The Ontario PC commitment of $1.9 billion over 10 years is welcome news, particularly with its focus on supportive housing which is key to recovery for individuals living with a mental health or addictions issue. We’re also encouraged the Ontario PCs are looking to organizations like ours to help determine the best way to implement its investment."
  • Addictions and Mental Health Ontario, found here - "We’re happy to hear today’s investment will address mental health, addiction and supportive housing. It is an enormous challenge to recover without a safe and affordable place to call home. We work where change happens, and we see firsthand the power of the services and supports that help people improve their lives."