Clean Up The Hydro Mess

Under the Liberals’ watch, since 2003, Ontario residents have seen their hydro bills triple, costing the average family more than $1,000 more a year. Ontarians shouldn't have to choose between feeding their family and heating their home. A PC Government would reduce hydro rates saving the average family 12% per year.

This will be done by:

  1. Returning all Hydro one dividends to hydro customers — saving the average family $70 on their Hydro Bills

  2. Stopping the practice of burying the cost of conservation programs on hydro bills and instead move those programs to the tax base —saving the average family $43 on their tax bills.

  3. Placing an immediate moratorium on any new energy contracts while walking back and re-negotiating existing contracts where possible — saving the average family $60 on their hydro bills.

Right now, seniors, small businesses, and families are paying for hidden expenses on their hydro bills that have nothing to do with keeping the lights on.

While you are getting ripped off on your hydro bills, Liberal insiders are getting rich and hydro executives are taking home millions of dollars in bonuses.

This year while your hydro rates went up the CEO of Hydro one was handed a $1.7 million dollar bonus. He took home over $6 million in total.

An Ontario PC government would use every power at our disposal to remove the $6 million man at Hydro One and the entire board at Hydro One. We will restore trust and accountability for the people of Ontario.

Clean Up the Hydro Mess

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