Ontario PC Plan will save families up to 75% of childcare expenses

Doug Ford’s Plan for the People Will Put More Money in the Pockets of Ontario Parents
Ontario PC plan will allow families to make childcare decisions that work best for them

Pickering — Lauire Scott, MPP and Ontario PC Candidate for Haliburton - Kawartha Lakes - Brock, today announced that a Doug Ford Ontario PC Government will introduce a new childcare tax rebate for parents of children under 15 years of age.

“Few decisions are as personal, or important, to parents as the care of a child,” said Scott. “Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals believe in ‘one-size-fits all’ government childcare. They believe that the government — and not parents — should decide what’s best for their children. Our plan will put more money in parents’ pockets and respect the choices of moms and dads in deciding what’s best for their kids.”

Under the PC Plan, parents will receive an Ontario Childcare Rebate that will pay up to 75% of a family’s childcare expenses, with lower income families receiving the most support. Unlike the Liberal Plan, which only covers children between ages 2-4, and restricts childcare options to government-licensed providers, the Ontario PC Plan will cover childcare costs for children up to 15 years of age and cover multiple forms of care.

"Our plan will cover any form of childcare that works for individual families and their unique situations,” said Scott. “Licensed care, independent care, babysitters, nannies and after-school programs will all be covered.  Our plan is modest, responsible and affordable. It covers more kids, and more families. And, most importantly, it respects parents and provides them with the ability to choose the kind of child care that works best for them.”

Scott’s announcement is the latest in a series of PC commitments that will put more money in the pockets of Ontario families. To date, these commitments include a minimum wage tax credit, scrapping the carbon tax and cap and trade slush fund and introducing a series of reforms that will reduce Ontario residential hydro bills by 12%.

“Our plan will put more money in your pockets. Not the government’s pockets and not the insiders’ pockets,” said Scott. “It is a plan for the people, rather than for the government.”



Backgrounder – More money in your pocket / childcare

Proposed Liberal Scheme Ignores Many Ontario Families

  • Ontario families are working harder than ever to build a better future for their children, yet they don’t feel like they’re getting ahead.
  • The cost of childcare in Ontario can be completely unaffordable, reaching over $20,000 a year per space in Toronto, and incredibly high in other cities as well. [1]
  • Not only are incomes stagnating, hydro bills are increasing annually, with hydro rates tripling since the Liberals took power in 2003 – costing the average family more than $1,000 extra a year.[2]
  • Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals proposed childcare scheme requires parents to use licensed daycare operators in order to receive help from the government. Parents who, by choice or by circumstance, use alternative child care arrangements receive no support at all.
  • Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals proposed childcare scheme only provides supports for children between the ages of 2-4.  Parents of older children receive no support at all.

A childcare plan that respects parents

  • In recognition of the high cost of childcare in Ontario, Doug Ford will introduce a new Ontario Childcare Rebate to pay up to 75% of a family’s childcare expenses, or up to $6,750 per child. This plan will cost the Government $389 million annually.
  • This fully refundable rebate will work on a sliding scale, covering 75% of childcare costs for low-income families, and gradually decline to 26% for families with an income of $150,000 or higher.
  • In contrast to the Liberals, this policy saves families more money over the lifetime of the plan, and provides greater flexibility for families to choose the childcare option that best meets their needs.
    • The Liberal plan offers free childcare for children aged two and a half to kindergarten and may only save a family roughly $34,000 over the lifetime of coverage.
    • By contrast, the Ontario PC plan covers children aged 0-15 and could save families up to $74,250 over the lifetime of the policy.
    • Further, the Liberal plan dictates your child care option, as parents can only select from licensed child care spaces in order to be eligible.
    • The Ontario PC plan offers greater flexible to parents: families can select from a variety of eligible childcare options, including licensed and independent childcare spaces, babysitters, nannies, after school recreational programs, and a range of other options, as long as it enables the parent to go back to work.
    • The Ontario PC childcare plan begins on January 1, 2019, in contrast to the Liberal plan which starts in 2020.
  • This is the latest in a series of commitments from Doug Ford that will put more money in the pockets of the people, including:
    • Implementing a minimum wage tax credit by January 1, 2019 so that those on minimum wage pay no income tax. This saves minimum wage earners, on average, over $800 per year.
    • Scrapping Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme, which will save the average Ontario family another $285 a year according to the Auditor General of Ontario.[3] 
    • Reducing your hydro bills by an additional 12%. This saves families an average of $173 on their hydro bill, and puts money back in your pocket.