Every election the Wynne Liberals promise to fix traffic in our neighbourhood.

14 years with no action. Only more broken promises.

Stan Cho and the Ontario PCs will get Willowdale moving.

Willowdale is stuck in political gridlock:

  1. The city offered $25M to fix the 401 ramp mess. The Wynne Liberals did nothing. This offer expired in December 2017.
  2. To bypass backed-up traffic on Yonge Street, rush hour spills into our neighbourhood streets. This is not acceptable.
  3. Willowdale has hit it’s provincial growth targets for 2041. Yet the Liberals have failed to invest in our aging infrastructure.
  4. Every day thousands of Willowdalers use public transit to get to work. But a lack of funding leads to unreasonable delays underground. 

There are solutions to these problems. We need the political will to get it done. Together we can get Willowdale moving!

It's time to get Willowdale out of political grid lock.

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