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Stan Cho is the right choice for Willowdale. Are you in?

Meet Stan

Born in Rexdale, Toronto, Stan grew up watching Canada mature into the inclusive, diverse nation it is today and he is committed to preserving those central values. Stan is a small business owner with fifteen years of experience in the real estate industry, five of them managing his family’s brokerage.

An active member of Willowdale, he annually sponsors the Harvest Moon Festival and conducts most of his business within the community. Stan believes it is essential that we defend the legacy that was left behind to us by past Ontarians for all future Ontarians—that there will always be opportunities for hardworking people to make better lives for themselves.


Family Day

Watch my new video on how important my family has been to my life. I'm working hard to make life for Ontario families just a little bit easier. 
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My Statement on the Patrick Brown Allegations

I was shocked and angry to hear about the allegations against Patrick Brown last night. These actions, if true, are especially disturbing from a man in a position of power. Sexual harassment or abuse of any kind is unacceptable. Each of us must stand up against it whenever and wherever it takes p...
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Meet Stan Cho